Desert Buggy Rental for Dubai Tour

For all thrill seekers, our fleet of recreational buggies is fantastic for your trail on the vast desert of Dubai. If you’re looking for an adventure to remember, then an Endurobike desert buggy rental promises you an unforgettable tour.

Just board our dune buggies and drive around the Dubai deserts. Have fun riding our specialty buggies that are lightweight and easily motorable.

Our clients love the chance of riding a dune buggy through the heart of the desert at an affordable price.

Who Can Ride A Dune Buggy?

If you thought that these rides are just for the experts, then think again. Our buggies are designed to enthrall both beginners and advanced level riders with their maneuverability.

Even a beginner can jump start on their desert safari in our desert buggy rental. With some accessories, training and safety knowledge, you too can enjoy your time motoring the buggy.

Our trained specialists are able to help you with how to ride a buggy in the desert. Advanced level dune buggy drivers too can benefit from our guided tour.


What Do Our Buggies Offer?

The impeccable safety features of Endurobikes buggy—5-point racing seatbelts, large roll cage, and latest in design, materials, and construction is engineered to be a true desert beast. These are ready for extreme terrain run and delivers the perfect performance.

Our high-end buggies come with the finest design and durability such that these can be easily tamed by you on the rough landscapes. To know more about how you too can ride on a buggy like a pro, please visit below.

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