Motocross Rental in Dubai

Motocross is genuinely an emotion where a bike, a throttle, a rider and a trail or piece of land come together to produce pure magic. There are no road rules, no traffic and no pedestrians in motocross. This sport demands physical and mental strength, technique, balance, and most of all – guts. Endurobikes is your destination if you are looking for a motocross rental in Dubai. We offer motocross tours at affordable rates, and we have experienced professionals who provide lessons and coaching. So, if you feel like riding a desert trail on a motocross bike in Dubai, then head over to Endurobikes where you can rent one at an affordable price.

Range of Motocross Bike Rental

Dirt Bike Rental in Dubai

Dirt Bike Rental in Dubai

Rent a dirt bike in Dubai from Endurobikes for the best adventures. Safe and extreme guided tours for every skill level from beginner to professional. Explore the Desert of Dubai on the back of well-maintained bikes in Dubai, with an exciting twist of speeding down the trails and dune bashing.

Quad Bike Rental in Dubai

Quad Bike Rental in Dubai

When you get tired of the concrete jungle of Dubai, pack your bags and head to the desert for some quality time on a quad bike. We will make sure that the entire experience becomes a memory that you will treasure for the rest of your life. It doesn't matter if you are a tourist or a resident, come and enjoy the dune bashing with family or friends.

Buggy Rental in Dubai

Buggy Rental in Dubai

Rent a Buggy in Dubai and go for a guided tour with Endurobikes rental service. Explore the desert on a powerful buggy for rent at affordable prices. Enjoy the most unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Dubai Desert. The beautiful red sand is waiting for those who prefer fast trails, massive dunes and mountains over smooth black concrete.

Motocross Coaching Lessons in Dubai

If you have never gone off road or in the sand and have a burning desire to have such a fun experience, Endurobikes is glad to offer you professional motocross rental in Dubai. Within a few hours, you will be taught how to ride an off-road bike in Dubai and our highly-experienced instructor will help you to grow your skills and confidence.

Motocross Rental Inclusions

Compliant Racing Helmet

The safety of the rider is of utmost importance and a racing helmet takes care of just that.

Long Sleeve Jersey

With a flexible style and a full function chassis, the jersey can be paired with other accessories.


Get the best view with our motocross goggles that keep the sand away from your eyes.

Long racing pants

Pair your racing pants with the jersey and be completely accessorized.


To get the right grip on the accelerator and clutch, pick out the right fitting gloves for you.

Over the ankle boots

Boots that will help in conquering the trail should be chosen and these will help in traction.

Experienced coaches

We have the best coaches who will give you individual training to master motocross.

Customer Reviews

I have always wanted to ride motocross bikes in Dubai and with Endurobikes, I finally fulfilled my wish. It was like I had become a child again, amazing experience. – Susane

I have a Yamaha R1 at home, so I am used to riding bikes, but I loved the idea of riding a motocross bike. At Endurobikes, I got the chance to get behind the throttle of one and I am so glad I chose to do this. – Rahim

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