Desert Motorbiking
in Dubai

Dubai is perfect for desert adventures. Cascading sand dunes set windward makes motorcycling an ideal recreational activity for everyone to try out when in the city. Endurobikes gives you access to premium motorbike rental in Dubai with a range of quality motorbikes, dirt bikes, quad bikes, and buggies for the adventure enthusiast.

To obtain an unbeatable motorcycling experience in the sand dunes of Dubai, you can choose from our fleet of premium automotive and receive an unmatched service at an affordable price!

Premium Motorcycle Rental

Experience an exciting off-road challenge like never before!
Try out our exclusive bikes that delivers the best-in-class performance
for your dune biking. We cater to all types of bikers—beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

Unleash the inner biker in you

Choose from our line-up of premium motorcycles for rent in Dubai to experience the thrill of desert biking. Our experts are there to guide you for the best biking experience!

Endurobikes – Who We Are

Experience the best motorcycling in the desert city of Dubai at a cost-effective pricing. We are the leading service provider of high-quality motorbiking equipment and industry certified instructors that enable you to enjoy a seamless biking experience.

Our quality motorcycles are tested for safety concerns by professionals. Each automobile must pass our rigorous safety checks to be considered suitable for our clients to use. Our knowledgeable instructors will support you with the understanding of desert motorcycling so that you can enjoy your adrenaline rushes and remain safe at all times.

We offer customers with the choice of sophisticated off-road bikes and experienced coaches.

When you choose an Endurobike, you will be able to glide like a speed boat on wheels! Our motorbikes are designed to enable you to ride on sand. Explore the beauty of endless desert terrains by riding upon the most comfortable beast that is easy to handle and safe for biking.

Why Rent a Motorbike from Us

Range of Motorbikes

Find out which motorcycle suits you the best. Choose from a line of exclusive motorcycles from Endurobikes. Also, you can avail the support of our experts to find out your best fit.

Cheap Pricing

If you thought motorcycling in Dubai is costly, then think again. We offer motorcycling rentals at low prices suitable for any budget.

Great Support

Our support staff will reach out to you at the earliest to respond to your queries that you may have about our service.

Unforgettable Moments

Biking in the desert of Dubai is a moment to remember! The rush of adrenaline when riding on your motorbike is one of the most cherished memories that you will have in the city.

Safety and Security

Your safety and security while riding our motorcycles is very important for us. Our team will ensure that you’re equipped with advanced safety gear and knowledge for your protection.

Anyone Can Ride

Our motorcycles are designed for both men and women riders for ease-of-use.

How To Rent A Motorbike

Endurobikes is committed to offer the highest quality motorcycles for your adventure biking experience in Dubai. Booking your slot for a guided motorbiking, buggy rides is easy!

Visit us at Book Now* to reserve your spot for the upcoming dates. We ensure our fleet is available for you to ride on your chosen time. As per your convenience, please book your rides here or Contact Us to know more.

Our Free Motorcycle Rental Inclusions

Body Protection Jacket
High Protection Shoes
Full Shirt+Pant
Knee Pads
Racing Helmet
Goggles 100%
Professional Guide

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Customer Reviews

I had driven bikes on the road before, but I was always nervous about dirt bikes and riding in the desert. It was a great experience at Endurobikes and I am glad I tried it.


I always thought that being a woman, it would be difficult to learn to ride a dirt bike. The instructors at Endurobikes made it seem so easy and I had an excellent time riding through the sand.



How far is Endurobikes from Dubai city center?

The base camp is about 30 minutes away from Dubai Mall.

Who pays for the bike and gear damage?

A rental agreement will be signed prior to the tour and there is an option to choose insurance.

Do you provide all the gear?

Yes, all gear is provided from helmet to boots along with all protective guards.

Do I need a motorcycle license?

No, a motorcycle license is not necessary.

Can I come if I can’t drive manual or handle clutch?

Yes, you can. We have a training session which you can opt for where this skill will be taught to you by professionals.

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