Why it is most fun to ride a dune buggy

As compared to the bikes, dune buggy is a safe vehicle to ride in a desert without any experience. It is compact and looks car-like with no support from the sides. The front is also not covered usually but some dune buggies have a windshield to protect from dirt and air. However, it is not very useful especially in a desert because it gets difficult to clear off the dust from the window and drive at the same time. This is why dune buggies without windshield are best to opt for. The safety of a dune buggy is known to be maximum in comparison with the other desert vehicles. This is why there is no need to worry about additional safety gear to ride it except for glasses, helmet, shoes, and knee pad etc. Continue reading “Why it is most fun to ride a dune buggy”

Does desert biking require assistance?

Whether it is a quad or dirt bike, riding in a desert that too with the intention of dune bashing and moto-crossing gets a lot riskier for beginners. Even when you have experienced the sports a couple of time then also there is a lot more to learn and understand to become an expert at it. People who ride a bike on a regular to the daily basis on road sometimes assume that doing the same in a desert is nothing different. When in reality, it is a completely unusual experience when you have to balance and focus while also remaining stress-free. All of this demands immense knowledge, experienced expertise, and professional attitude. Continue reading “Does desert biking require assistance?”

Don’t get injured while motocross riding

The danger that comes along while motocross riding is definite and has to be there no matter how skillful or experienced you are. There is a constant fear in the rider’s mind that the upcoming dune or whoop might be the last one to cross due to the unexpected huge fall. All of these thoughts are very common for the beginners who tend to get scared about the idea of motocross riding. However, the sport is meant to be for courageous people and for those who believe in their capabilities, mental focus, and physical strength. Otherwise, it all might turn into an unfortunate situation for the rider. Continue reading “Don’t get injured while motocross riding”

Why dune bashing is safe on a quad bike

There is no denying the fact that Dubai has developed into one of the most wanted, worthy, and amazing tourist destinations of the world. There are amusement and entertainment facilities for every age group in the city which is locals and foreigners love to spend time here. Not only this, but it is also one of the very few tourist spots that are accessible and affordable as well. The city is surrounded with the Arabian desert which adds to its exceptional appeal. The kind of fun and thrill that you get to witness on the natural sand while playing and bashing it is immensely enjoyable. Continue reading “Why dune bashing is safe on a quad bike”

A supreme guide to motocross riding

Motocross riding is one of the toughest sports that most people think of as convenient and easy to attempt it. Riding a bike is not hard but doing it on a number of hurdles on an uneven surface that too a really rough one is definitely not a piece of cake. While some people excel at motocross riding but still fail to understand and learn some advanced and basic level techniques. For instance, corners, jumps, and whoops are some of the main features of a motocross race but there is a lot more to it than becoming a pro at it. Even if you are satisfied with the motocross skills that you have learned then also there is something left to adopt from experts in the field. Continue reading “A supreme guide to motocross riding”

Dirt biking in Dubai

Dubai is not only famous for its rich culture, but the deserts of Dubai are also very popular. The best way to explore the Dubai deserts is through dirt bike safari. Deserts of Dubai have a range of fun activities. There is lot you can do in Dubai and one of the famous thing is dirt biking. Dirt bikes are very lightweight motorcycles having rough tires and suspensions so that they can easily glide over the rough surface. They are used to ride over tough landscapes such as dirt, mud, sand and rocks. Continue reading “Dirt biking in Dubai”

Quad bike ride in Dubai

Quad bikes are very handy and rough four-wheeler bikes. Quad bike travels on low pressure tire and you can ride it on all type of landscapes. For controlling the steering, the seat of quad bike is connected by the operator and handlebars. You can ride the quad bike on different landscapes In Dubai including the deserts and at different speeds.

There Are Different Types of Quad Bikes Such As

Racing Quad Bikes: these quad bikes are light in weight and are designed to bear the ruggedness of racing. These bikes remain stable while turning at high speeds.

ATV’s: these bikes are bigger in size and more robust than racing quad bikes. These bikes have trailer hitches. These bikes are preferred for longer journeys and dangerous landscapes. Continue reading “Quad bike ride in Dubai”

Things to ponder upon before renting a dirt bike

Dirt bikes are specially designed to ride on rough grounds. Dirt bikes are light in weight and have two wheels. Dirt bike has a hydraulic and spring shock suspension system to bear the jumps and shocks while riding on the rough terrains. In the deserts of Dubai dirt biking is one of the famous sport and is done by a lot of people on everyday basis. There are many types of dirt bikes you can choose the one which suits your needs and size and enjoy the ride in the deserts of Dubai.

Riding on a dirt bike is one of the best experiences you can have in your life-time but if you are not careful can also take away your life. Continue reading “Things to ponder upon before renting a dirt bike”

What is motocross?

Motocross is a practice of off-road motorcycle racing which is held on bounded off-road routes. Motocross is a glorious motorsport including hurdles, hoots, dirt, motorcycle, and turns which adds a lot of thrill and excitement in the lives of the rides as well as the viewer. Motocross bikes are designed especially for the motocross competition. These bikes have very high performance, single tire engine, stiff suspensions, engines and transmissions which perfectly suit the motocross competition. These bikes are very speedy and light in weight and can be properly handled on dirt, mud, wood and sand. There are many bikes which are best for motocross such as 1986 Honda CR125, 1993 Honda CR250, 1994 Kawasaki KX250 and many more. These bikes are designed especially for rough landscapes. Riding a bike at the motocross can be very risky for the beginners. To ride these bikes, you need to take training so that you don’t hurt yourself. Continue reading “What is motocross?”

How to make your Dubai tour memorable?

Dubai is a beautiful city well known for its rich culture. Dubai has a lot to offer which will make your Dubai tour one of the most amazing tours ever. If you are in Dubai, then don’t miss to experience the dune buggy tour. Taking a dune buggy tour in Dubai is the most incredible way to sightsee the alluring sand dunes of Dubai.

Dune buggy ride is very famous in Dubai. A dune buggy is a vehicle which is uses for recreation purpose and has large wheels and wide tires. It is used for sand, beaches and desert expedition. Dune buggy has no roof and has a single mounted engine.

In Dubai there are numerous companies who offer guided dune buggy tour. They have professionals who provide the safest and best experience of the dune buggy to their customers. Continue reading “How to make your Dubai tour memorable?”

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