Prepare Well And Avoid These Injuries

Dubai is the tourist destination of the world, and people come here from every country hoping to vacation in style. If you are a resident of this city or a tourist, a great way to spend your day off would be to rent a bike and explore the deserts with your friends. The desert is not the safest place, and you can be prone to certain injuries if you are not careful. Continue reading “Prepare Well And Avoid These Injuries”

Maximize Your Adventure And Thrill With A Dune Buggy Ride

The best way to explore the deserts of Dubai is with a dune buggy. The people who are adrenaline seekers and want the ultimate thrill should not miss out on the dune buggy rides available from Endurobikes. These vehicles are made especially for sand dunes, and they are the most appropriate ride. The four wheels of the buggy let you control it like a car, and the throttle gives you the power that you require. Continue reading “Maximize Your Adventure And Thrill With A Dune Buggy Ride”

Teenagers Can Have A Great Time On A Quad Bike

People from all over the world visit Dubai for adventure and thrillseeking. Quad bikes are a great way to ride through the desert sands and enjoy all that this city has to offer. Children during their teenage years are more interested in getting involved in an adventure activity than adults. In the desert, children above the age of 13 are allowed to rent quad bikes and have fun. It is a great group activity for most teenagers, and they get to compete with like-minded people. Continue reading “Teenagers Can Have A Great Time On A Quad Bike”

Make sure you practice these before driving into the desert

An ATV is the ultimate thrill machine, and people prefer to ride them in the desert. When you are at Endurobikes, you can get all the gear to protect yourself from the weather and the elements, but you must be aware of these few skills which will help you drive safely. Before you start on your trip, practice driving the ATV, so you know the basics. Continue reading “Make sure you practice these before driving into the desert”