Desert Buggy Rental Dubai

EnduroBikes stands proud as the foremost provider of dune buggy rentals in Dubai. Experience a real adventure in the heart of the picturesque Arabian desert. Our desert buggy tours are structured in a manner that makes it equally exciting yet affordable. Even for beginners who have no prior experience in driving a four-wheeler, our fully guided expedition alongside a seasoned instructor will help them navigate the harsh sandy terrain with confidence. All our buggies for rent are from Polaris, the global leader in off-road vehicle manufacturing. The vehicles that we provide are examined on a regular basis to ensure the well-being and comfort of our customers. Rent a buggy from EnduroBikes to kick-start a journey that will create fond memories for a lifetime.

Our Buggy Tour Options

Desert Buggy Rental Inclusions

Racing Helmet

As with all our other rides, a racing helmet is a standard accessory which ensures the safety of the riders.

Jersey, Gloves & Goggles

We provide jersey, goggles, and gloves to make sure that you have the best experience while keeping true to safety.

Body Protection Kits

While riding a dune buggy, it is essential to protect your chest and shoulders in case of any accidents.

Heavy Roll Cage

The roll cage is carefully designed to protect both the rider and the passenger while going off-road in the dune buggy.

5-Point Seatbelts

There is nothing more important than safety while dune bashing on your buggy and this 5-point racing seatbelt ensures just that.

Professional Instructors

We have veteran instructors who will help you learn how to ride a dune buggy if you are a beginner and also provide you all the necessary safety tips.

Why Choose Us for Dune Buggy Rentals

Zero Added Costs

With EnduroBikes, what you see is what you get. We will not charge even a single Fil more than the price that is already mentioned on site.

Superior Customer Service

We strive to offer our customers the best buggy rental experience they can hope for.

Well-Maintained Vehicles

Our fleet of buggies from Polaris are serviced and maintained to perfection. We want our customers to be safe and secure while driving our rentals.

Safety Instructions for Dune Buggy Riding

Check your Speed

While we encourage our customers to fully explore the vast desert land, curb the speeds to a point where you are still entirely in control of the vehicle.

Follow Instructions

Seasoned instructors are there to guide at each step of the way. Be sure to follow their instructions and feel free to ask them any all queries you may have.

Fasten your Seatbelts

It goes without saying, be it in an 4×4 wheeler or a dune buggy, fasten your seat belts while on the vehicle.  

Wear all protective gear

Protective gears such as helmets, body protection kits, and goggles are provided with your rental buggies. Wear them at all times while riding the vehicle.

Buggy Tour Gallery

Pricing of Buggy Rental

1 Hour:               890 AED
2 Hours:          1,290 AED
3 Hours:          1,690 AED

How far is EnduroBikes from Dubai City Center?

Our desert tour camp is about 30 minutes away from Dubai Mall.

Who pays for the bike and gear damage?

A rental agreement will be signed prior to the tour and there is an option to choose insurance.

Are all the gears provided from your side?

Yes! All the necessary gear such as helmets, boots and protective guards are provided along with the rented buggy.

Do I need a license to drive a buggy?

No licenses are required to drive a buggy on the desert.

Can I come if I can’t drive manual or handle clutch?

Yes, you can. We have a training session which you can opt to take part in.

Customer Testimonials

I rented a dune buggy from EnduroBikes during our vacation in Dubai. The tour was perfectly organized and executed. In short it was a wonderful experience.” – Nazia

Me and my colleagues decided to rent dune buggies from EnduroBikes for our long weekend. We had a gala time as riding those beasts on the desert sand was beyond breathtaking” – Janjua

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