Dirtbike Rental in Dubai

Endurobikes is the best dirt bike rental in Dubai, and we offer well-maintained bikes for you to ride into the sunset. This is the chance for thrill seekers of all ages to explore the deserts and experience the unforgettable feeling of riding a dirt bike. If you are a first timer, then you need not fret, as we have experienced instructors who will make sure you learn how to ride the bike in no time at all. The magnificent red sand and the sun kissed dunes of Dubai will keep your excitement level high. We provide all the safety equipment and accessories to aid you in having the most fun time on a dirt bike.

Dirtbike Rental Inclusions



It is important to have the right amount of grip on the accelerator and clutch and perfect fitting gloves come in handy.


Long Sleeve Jersey

Dirt bike gear is incomplete without the right fitting jersey and it is an absolute necessity.


Experienced coaches

We have experienced coaches who will train you on how to ride a bike and have you ready in no time.


Long Racing Pants

Long pants which are built for durability are the perfect pair to a dirt bike jersey.


Compliant Racing Helmet

We have the most advanced dirt bike helmets that offer the best protection.


Over the ankle boots

Since sliding is not really a concern in the dirt, protection is focused on ankle bracing and injuries that occur from impacts and sudden stops.



Dirt bike goggles and eye wear accessories are important for men, women and kids who plan to ride in the desert.

FAQs For Dirt Bike Rental

How far is Endurobikes from Dubai city center?

The base camp is about 30 minutes away from Dubai Mall.

Who pays for the bike and gear damage?

A rental agreement will be signed prior to the tour and there is an option to choose insurance.

Do you provide all the gear?

Yes, all gear is provided from helmet to boots along with all protective guards.

Do I need a motorcycle license?

No, a motorcycle license is not necessary.

Can I come if I can’t drive manual or handle clutch?

Yes, you can. We have a training session which you can opt for where this skill will be taught to you by professionals.

Customer Reviews

It was truly an exhilarating experience to rent a dirt bike from Endurobikes and drive it in the desert. I will definitely be back for more! – Tanya

Me and my office mates rented dirt bikes from Endurobikesand were not disappointed. We are definitely recommending this place to all our friends. – Natasha